The real average wedding cost in USA

You start by announcing your engagement to all of your loved ones! You then ask yourself

  • How much all of this is going to cost?.
  • How much does a wedding gown cost?
  • What are wedding venues typically priced at?

We’re here to help you figure out your wedding budget. You can use the typical cost of a wedding as a point of comparison when creating your own budget.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that your special day won’t be as enchanted and romantic just because the usual cost of a wedding is out of your price range.

What’s the average wedding cost in US ?

According to market study firm The Wedding Report, 2.5 million couples plan to get married in 2022, a 30% increase from 2021 and around 15% more than the average year.

As COVID-19 variations developed, many people were forced to reschedule upcoming weddings that were initially scheduled for 2020 and then again in 2021.

According to The Knot’s Real Weddings Survey, the average wedding cost about $34,000 in 2021 (including the wedding ring). Depending on aspects like your guest list size and venue selection, wedding prices may increase even further.

With all of this in mind, how much should you budget for your wedding in 2024?

To assist you in setting a budget, we break down costs into various areas, so you can have a better idea of how much your wedding may cost and methods you can make it affordable.

What’s the average wedding cost in the different states ?

average wedding cost in usa
average wedding cost in us

Since location has a significant impact on cost, it is not surprising that typical prices differ from state to state. Additionally, it varies by place, with urbanized weddings typically costing more than suburban or rural ones.

The average cost is displayed by state in this Value Penguin graph. These prices are predicated on the 66-person average wedding cost in us for guest list for 2020, according to Value Penguin. Only the 10 states with the highest and lowest average wedding costs are displayed in the graph, with the “Average” bar serving as a separator.

Massachusetts has the highest average wedding cost at $30,489, making it the most costly state to get married in. These two states “along with New Jersey” are the only ones where the typical wedding cost exceeds $30,000.

On the other hand, West Virginia and Arkansas are the most affordable states to be married in.

On the East Coast, many of the states that charge the highest to host a wedding. With the District of Columbia as the exception, the Northeast is home to four of the top five most expensive states. Only two of the top 10 states are located west of the Mississippi River are California and Hawaii, which rank eighth and ninth in terms of wedding costs.

What’s the average cost of the reception venue in the USA?

If the bridal party chooses a package deal from their venue, the reception location is often not a single, high cost but rather a succession of above-average charges that quickly mount up.

The total price of hiring a location, catering the event, and providing other related necessities makes this aspect of weddings the most pricey.

The average wedding cost in us of a venue is $9,261, making it one of the most expensive wedding-related expenses. The price goes substantially when couples have to rent tables, chairs, and other furnishings to fill out a reception space.

What’s the average cost of the catered food and drink?

One of every wedding’s most costly components is providing food for guests. For a wedding with 66 guests, budget $4,075 on average, or $62 per plate.

The price of food will increase as wedding sizes reach their pre-pandemic levels, both per plate and overall. Inevitably, more expensive weddings will result in higher food costs. However, by providing a cash bar rather than an open bar, hosts could reduce the cost of the venue.

What’s the average cost of the reception band and the DJ?

 Common component of most wedding celebrations is musical entertainment. The choice of whether to have a band or a DJ at the reception can significantly affect the entire cost of the event.

A band typically costs $3,263 to play at a wedding.

In contrast, a DJ often costs more than $2,200 less than a live band. One effective strategy to lower the overall expense of a wedding may be to hire one. A DJ is far less expensive than paying for an actual live band to play at the reception.

What’s the average cost of the engagement ring?

 Engagement rings may have a wider price range than virtually any other wedding-related item. The average cost of an engagement ring for each wedding was $5,204, but the price of a band varies on the size and kind of stone used, the cut, the manufacturer, and other factors that may easily bring the cost of a ring into the several tens of thousands of dollars, or maybe even above.

What’s the average cost of the photographer and video maker?

The average cost of taking photos during a wedding, according to researchers, was $2,117. That doesn’t even factor in the expense of a filmmaker, which can run as high as $1,588. The total cost of these services is $3,705 in total.

What’s the average cost of the flowers and decor ?

The expense of flowers and other decor can add up rapidly. A flower typically charges $1,764 for each wedding. This amount might increase as more flowers are required for the occasion.

What’s the average cost of wedding cake?

The cake typically costs between $400 and $500.

Layered cakes can be quite expensive.  If purchasing a wedding cake will put you over your spending limit, think about offering a variety of desserts during the ceremony.

What’s the average cost of the wedding planner?

The average wedding planner fee ranges from $1,500 to $4,000

Some couples decide to skip hiring a wedding planner and instead of that they hire a coordinator for the wedding.

If you decide without hiring a planner, you will probably end up devoting a good number of hours of your time to the process.

What’s the average cost of the wedding dress?

The average wedding dress costs $1,600.

The cost of the typical bridal dress does not include a headpiece, comfy shoes, or other extras.

Keep in mind that the groom must also wear something. Even though you won’t likely hire a tuxedo for a small wedding, a groom’s quality formal attire will generally cost between $200 and $300.

Brides should set up roughly $300 for professional hair and makeup.

What’s the average cost of wedding invitations?

The average cost of an invitation is $7.88 per person, while considerably nicer invitations might attract greater rates for each individual. Making their own cards at home or even sending invites that are digital and just sent as emails could help a couple cut expenses.

What’s the average cost of wedding favors?

For most people, the wedding’s lowest priced component is the favors given to guests. In 2020, the average price of wedding favors was $353. The price of favors may rise or fall in compared to the national median depending on the kind and volume of favors requested. The bride and groom might therefore save money by skipping pricey party favors.

What’s the average cost of wedding transportation?

A wedding’s transport costs typically run $706 per ceremony. This cost might include a limousine or hired automobile to transport the couples (and occasionally the wedding) to the reception location. If the reception is near to the wedding, guests could walk there and back, which would considerably reduce or perhaps eliminate the expense of transportation.

What’s the average cost of the honeymoon?

The celebration need not end after your wedding. Many couples travel on their honeymoon to enjoy their marriage.

With 68% of partners planned a honeymoon in 2021, honeymoons are still among the most common wedding-related celebrations. 42 percent of honeymoons lasted longer than a week, and 62% of couples go for their vacation within two days after the wedding.

The average honeymoon costs $4,600, according to an internal research of more 15,000 partners who were married in 2021.

In conclusion, don’t be worried about wedding costs.

Don’t worry if the final total for your wedding costs is higher than you had planned. Don’t, though, make your decision based just on the first place you go or the first gown you put on. Most couples have been together for more than a year; be sure to compare prices while you plan your marriage.

And use this data as a guide rather than as a prediction. Additionally, you are not required to purchase every item on the list. Like instead of paying a band or DJ, you can choose to exclude favors and connect your smartphone to a speaker system.

Decide on a budget that you are satisfied with, and then work within that limit to plan the wedding of your dreams.