Where Can British Citizens Get Married Abroad? Marriage is a momentous occasion, and selecting the ideal location is essential for making your wedding day truly special. For British citizens, there are a myriad of enchanting destinations around the globe that can provide stunning settings, perfect weather, and unique experiences for a destination wedding. From tropical beaches to historic cities, the choices are vast. Among the trending destinations for British couples is Hurghada, Egypt, celebrated for its favorable climate and proximity. This article delves into several popular spots where British citizens can get married abroad, with a special focus on Hurghada and other top destinations.

Where Can British Citizens Get Married Abroad?
Where Can British Citizens Get Married Abroad?

The Allure of Destination Weddings

Opting for a destination wedding is about more than just the ceremony; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience. Couples who choose to marry abroad often seek exotic locations that offer breathtaking scenery, a sense of adventure, and the opportunity for a holiday for themselves and their guests.

Hurghada, Egypt: A Rising Wedding Destination

Hurghada is gaining traction as a prime location for British couples desiring to marry abroad. Situated on the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is famed for its clear blue waters, spectacular coral reefs, and consistent sunshine. Its relative proximity to the UK, with direct flights from several major airports, makes it a convenient option. The journey typically takes around 5 hours, providing easy access for both the wedding and honeymoon.

Ideal Climate and Scenic Beauty

One of Hurghada’s biggest draws is its excellent weather. With around 360 sunny days annually, couples can plan their weddings with confidence, knowing they are unlikely to encounter rain. The Red Sea’s beauty, with its colorful marine life and pristine beaches, serves as a stunning backdrop for wedding photographs.


Compared to more traditional wedding destinations in Europe or the Caribbean, Hurghada is quite affordable. Accommodation, dining, and services in Egypt generally cost less, allowing couples to better manage their wedding budgets. Numerous wedding abroad packages are available to suit various tastes and financial plans, simplifying the planning process.

Unique Cultural Touches

Marrying in Hurghada offers a distinctive cultural experience. Couples can blend local customs and traditions into their ceremonies, adding a unique flavor to their celebrations. From traditional Egyptian wedding processions to receptions featuring local cuisine and music, the cultural richness of Egypt can make a wedding extraordinarily special.

Other Popular Destinations for British Couples

While Hurghada is on the rise, there are several other fantastic locations where British citizens can marry abroad. Each destination offers its own distinct charm and advantages.


Italy is a timeless favorite for destination weddings. Its romantic cities like Venice, Florence, and Rome, along with the picturesque countryside of Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, provide numerous stunning venues. Italy’s rich history, delectable cuisine, and renowned wines make it an ideal destination for a sophisticated and elegant wedding.


Greece, with its beautiful islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete, is another top choice. The breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, charming whitewashed buildings, and ancient ruins create a magical setting for a wedding. Greece also offers various wedding abroad packages that can help streamline the planning process and ensure a hassle-free experience.


Spain is celebrated for its lively culture, delightful food, and scenic landscapes. Cities like Barcelona and Seville offer a mix of historical and modern venues, while the beaches of Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands provide an ideal setting for a sun-filled wedding. Spain’s warm climate and welcoming locals further enhance its appeal as a wedding destination.


For couples seeking an exotic and tropical location, Thailand is an excellent option. The pristine beaches of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi are perfect for beach weddings, while the bustling city of Bangkok offers luxurious hotels and venues. Thailand’s hospitality and reasonably priced wedding packages make it a popular choice for British couples.


France epitomizes romance and offers endless possibilities for a destination wedding. Whether it’s a chic ceremony in Paris, a rustic vineyard wedding in Bordeaux, or a glamorous event on the French Riviera, France caters to all styles and preferences. The country’s world-famous cuisine and wines enhance the wedding experience, making it truly unforgettable.

Key Considerations for a Wedding Abroad

When planning a wedding abroad, several practical considerations should be taken into account:

Legal Requirements

Each country has its own legal requirements for foreign nationals wishing to marry. It’s crucial to research these requirements and ensure all necessary documentation is in place. Some countries may require couples to reside in the country for a specified period before the wedding.

Budget Planning

While destination weddings can be more affordable in some locations, it’s essential to set a realistic budget. Consider all expenses, including travel, accommodation, and wedding services. Many destinations offer wedding abroad packages that can help manage costs and simplify planning.

Guest Logistics

Destination weddings usually involve a smaller guest list due to travel costs and logistics. It’s important to communicate with guests early and provide them with all the necessary information to plan their trip.

Weather Patterns

Check the weather patterns of your chosen destination to avoid any seasonal challenges. While many locations offer consistent sunshine, others may have rainy or hurricane seasons to consider.

Local Vendors

Using local vendors for catering, photography, and other services can add an authentic touch to your wedding. Research and connect with reputable vendors to ensure quality and reliability.

Where Can British Citizens Get Married Abroad?

A destination wedding offers a unique and memorable way to celebrate your love. For British citizens, the options are diverse and exciting, from the sunny beaches of Hurghada to the romantic cities of Europe and the exotic locales of Asia. By considering factors such as weather, budget, and legal requirements, you can find the perfect destination to create the wedding of your dreams. Whether you opt to elope abroad or plan a grand celebration, the world is full of stunning places where British citizens can marry abroad and begin their journey together.